Employee Services

Every business owner understands the role their employees play in the success of their business. That's why we offer a variety of employee services and plans to help businesses attract and retain great employees.

Direct Deposit

Reduce administration overhead and offer your employees the convenience of direct deposit of their paycheque to their Coastal Community Credit Union account.

Payroll Deduction Plans

Did you know that you can help your employees' save for their futures with a payroll deduction plan? These plans allow employees to specify a portion of their pay to be directly deposited into a Savings or Chequing account or RRSP.

Group RRSP

Coastal Community Credit Union offers a complete range of investments suitable for RRSPs. Employees can customize a plan according to their needs and receive personal guidance from qualified representatives.
A Group RRSP is simple. Both the employer and the employee can contribute up to certain limits set by Revenue Canada, and the employee determines how his or her contributions are invested.
Even if you employ as few as two people, an effective Group RRSP and other key employee benefits can help businesses to both attract and retain key employees. There's next to no administration time required and employer costs to manage the Plan are minimal.

Employee RRSPs

Help your employees' save for their retirement with an Employee RRSP.