Switching to Coastal Community

Switching to Coastal Community Credit Union—it’s easier than you think!

Our caring and helpful experts are here to assist you in making the switch to Coastal Community Credit Union as smooth as possible.

We can help ensure your electronic preauthorized payments and transfers, as well as your automatic deposits are successfully redirected to your new Coastal Community account.

To get the process started, stop by any of our locations and bring with you the following key item:

•    Current copy of your existing bank account statement

Reviewing your statement will be a good starting point in determining what goes in and out of your existing account, and what needs to be mapped over. We can help take care of the rest by getting in touch with any vendors or agencies on your behalf and redirecting your automatic deposits and debits to your new account.

For more information, please phone 1.888.741.1010 or connect with your nearest branch.

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