Help yourself to convenience with our MEMBER CARD® ATM and Debit card.

Benefits include:

  • Instant access to your money at automatic teller machines (ATM) worldwide. Accepted nationally at Everlink® and Interac® ATM and Direct Payment networks, and internationally on the Cirrus® network.
  • View account balances, make deposits and transfer funds.
  • Use your MEMBER CARDS instead of cash to make purchases.
  • Low cost alternative to in-branch banking or paying by Cheque.

Please note:  for your protection and security, if your MemberCard has not been used in the past 12 months or longer, it will automatically be deactivated.

Want a faster, easier and more convenient way to pay for your everyday purchases? Interac Flash® is your answer…

As you stand in line for a coffee, you notice a customer pay for her purchase with a simple tap of her debit card. That’s Interac Flash® at work, and Coastal Community members are also able to enjoy this secure and convenient payment technology.

Here are some key things to know about Interac Flash®

  • Because it’s an enhancement of Interac Debit, your Interac Flash® MemberCard debit card will still have all the payment functionalities that you're used to. Purchases will continue to be deducted instantly from your bank account and will still produce a receipt
  • For a quick way to make purchases under $100, simply hold your Interac Flash® debit card in front of a supporting reader at check out—no need to insert your card or enter your PIN. A beep or an "approved" message means your transaction is complete
  • Supporting Interac Flash readers can be identified by this symbol Interac Flash
  • Your Interac Flash® transaction uses chip processing and relies on the same secure network as your Interac Debit card, making it a highly secure method of payment. Plus, the Interac Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized transactions

Interac Flash® MemberCards are now available to members!

Interac Flash FAQs

Is Flash technology secure?

Interac Flash transactions use chip processing (which protects you against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pick-pocketing) and relies on the same secure network as Interac Debit cards, making it a highly secure method of payment.

Can Flash purchases be made by accident by standing too close to the terminal?

No, this would be very difficult as cards have to be held within centimetres and at a very specific angle to be read by the Flash reader.

How am I protected in the instance of fraud?

Interac’s Zero Liability Policy protects cardholders from unauthorized transactions. Full details on the Policy can be found here.

Are there any additional fees for using a Flash-enabled MemberCard?

No additional fees apply for Flash transactions.

Where can I use Interac Flash?

The Interac Flash website has a growing list of merchants who support Flash technology. For Point of Sale terminals that are not yet Flash-enabled, you’ll be able to use the Flash cards’ chip capabilities to make your purchase. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up form of payment to meet all kinds of situations. Connect with our experts to learn about some options to fit your needs.

What should I do if my Interac Flash MemberCard is lost or stolen?

You would follow the same procedure as a regular MemberCard, in that you would call Coastal Community (1.888.741.1010) right away to report it lost or stolen. For after-hours assistance, please call 1.888.277.1043. All other areas, please call 1.306.566.1276. 






Protect Your Money!

Review your account and credit card activity regularly to verify all transactions. Report any irregular activity or unauthorized transactions against your accounts immediately. If your debit or credit card is lost or stolen, or you suspect your card may have been compromised in some way, call 1-888-277-1043, or visit your branch immediately.  Learn more.