Card Safety

In the event that your Member Card® debit card, Collabria Mastercard® credit card or GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® is ever lost or stolen, or compromised in some way:

During branch hours, contact your branch immediately.

After branch hours, call the number(s) provided below immediately.

Jot down and keep these numbers in a convenient place, for quick reference, separate from your card.

Member Card® ATM and debit card:
Call toll-free: 1-888-277-1043

Collabria Mastercard®:
Canada and US: 1-855-341-4643
International Collect: 1-647-252-9564

GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard®:

In Canada and the US call: 1-800-561-7849
All other areas call collect: 1-306-566-1276 


Protect Your Money!

Review your account and credit card activity regularly to verify all transactions. Report any irregular activity or unauthorized transactions against your accounts immediately. If your debit or credit card is lost or stolen, or you suspect your card may have been compromised in some way, call 1-888-277-1043, or visit your branch immediately.  Learn more.