Be more Alert when it comes to your finances!

Sign up for Alerts now through MemberDirect Online Banking. This feature allows you to receive notifications about events that have occurred in your accounts through email, text message or both. Use Polling Alerts for balance, activity, loan, investment and payment Alerts to better manage your finances and budget. Direct Banking Alerts provide an additional layer of protection by allowing you to detect possible fraud quickly and take appropriate action.


Types of Alerts

Coastal Community offers members two types of Alerts: Direct Banking Alerts and Polling Alerts.

Direct Banking Alerts

MemberDirect system detects events that occur within online banking and sends Alerts to the member. For example, the customer can choose to receive an alert when a new bill payee is added in online banking. When a payee is added, MemberDirect detects this and sends the customer an alert.

Polling Alerts

MemberDirect system polls the banking system at regular intervals to identify conditions that members have specified to receive Alerts. For example, if a member wants to receive a low balance alert whenever their account balance falls below $500, the system will poll the banking system at regular time intervals to detect if the condition to trigger the alert is met. In this example, an alert is sent if the balance is below $500.

How do I sign up for Alerts?

  1. Log in to MemberDirect Online Banking
  2. Click on Member Services tab on the top of the page
  3. Click on Alerts Contacts in the left-hand column titled Shortcuts
  4. Click on Add Email and/or Add Phone
  5. Select Account Nicknames. Click Edit at the bottom of the Alerts Contact & Accounts page, edit a nickname in the boxes under the Nickname heading and then click on Submit.
  6. The final step is the selection of Alerts you want sent to you. Click Alerts under the shortcuts tab on the Member Services page. Select the Alert type (security, activity, balance, payment, all), where you would like it sent (email/text) and the specific accounts you would like the Alerts on.