Registered Education Savings Plans

Registered Education Savings Plans

Give that special young person in your life a head start on realizing their full potential with a Registered Education Savings Plan. As post-secondary education costs continue to rise, taking our an RESP is an easy and affordable way to save for your child's future. Discover our full range of investment options offered as single or family plans by connecting with a Coastal Community expert today. 

Did you know?

Under the Canada Education Savings Grant, the federal government matches 20% of RESP contributions to a maximum annual amount of $500 per beneficiary!

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Learn more about education savings for your child on the Government of Canada's website.


The British Columbia Training & Education Savings Grant

It's never been easier to save for your child's post-secondary studies, thanks to the British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant (or BCTESG). All it takes to earn this one-time grant of $1,200 are a few simple eligibility requirements and an RESP (no contributions required!).

Here's what you need to know if you're interested in obtaining the Grant for your child or grandchild:

BCTESG eligibility requirements:

  • available to children born in 2006 or later
  • the child must have an open Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • both the child and the child's parent/guardian must be BC residents at the time of Grant application

Applying for the $1,200 Grant

  • The subscriber of the child's RESP (the person who opened the RESP on the child's behalf) may apply for the Grant when the eligible child turns six (as long as both the child and the child's parent or guardian still reside in BC)
  • the RESP subscriber has until the child's ninth birthday to apply for the BCTESG
  • the Grant must be used towards a qualifying post-secondary education or training program in or outside Canada
  • RESP subscribers do not need to make RESP contributions in order for the child to receive the BCTESG

Grant application period for eligible children:


Birth Year 1st day of Eligibility                 1st day to apply                 Last day to apply                   
2006 Child's 6th birthday in 2012      August 15, 2016 August 14, 2019
2007 Child's 6th birthday in 2013 August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018
2008 Child's 6th birthday in 2014 August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018
2009 Child's 6th birthday in 2015, from Jan. 1, 2015 to Aug 15, 2015    August 15, 2015 August 14, 2018
2009 Child's 6th birthday after Aug. 15, 2015 Day the child turned 6 Day before the child turns 9
2010 or later   Child's 6th birthday Day the child turns 6 Day before the child turns 9


Have questions or want to begin enjoying the benefits of a BCTESG? Stop by any of our locations or phone 1.888.741.1010 to learn more.