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Everything you need to know about domestic and global markets for July 2020

Our monthly market updates are your opportunity to know what's going on in the financial world to help inform your decisions.

 At-a-glance financial highlights of what's happening here, and globally

 Know how the biggest indexes and commodities fared through the month

​ Key Take-Aways section digs deeper into latest events, and what it might mean for you

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Learning Centre

Looking at improving your credit history, or managing your money? We have resources to help you achieve financial wellness.

The importance of term deposit laddering

Get the benefits of a long-term rate without giving up easy access to your funds.

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When to select a TFSA vs. an RRSP

Learn when a TFSA is a better choice than an RRSP in your savings plan

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Retirement savings tools to help you plan ahead

These online calculators can help you figure out how to retire in comfort.

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The credit score of a lifetime

The higher your score, the more likely you are to receive a loan or credit. 

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