Young Entrepreneurs

Providing the tools for the next Bill Gates!

Young Entrepreneurs is an educational program designed to help students explore the world of business. The program offers creative planning sessions where participants have fun gaining real-life business experience. Each individual student develops a product, prepares a business plan and marketing materials, and learns how to make his/her business successful. Students then showcase their businesses and sell their products or services at the Young Entrepreneur Show. This real-world platform allows students to develop people skills, increase confidence, interact with customers, and earn money!

In addition to building students’ business skills, the program promotes children and parents working together. Students build on their learning by developing their businesses and products at home. Parent information packages provide a step-by-step system for supporting their young entrepreneurs. 

As part of our commitment to youth, Coastal Community is pleased to present the Young Entrepreneurs program for grades four to seven in schools and communities we serve.