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09-Feb-17 2016 Dividends

31-Jan-17 What every Vancouver Islander should know: the importance of overland water insurance

True or false…the government will take care of you and your home if there’s major flooding caused by a natural disaster?

For the vast majority of people, the answer will be false—which is why homeowners need to prepare themselves financially in the event of a flood (or what insurance companies define as “overland flooding”). Under the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA) program, provincial governments can provide relief to homeowners affected by natural disasters. But under the DFAA program, homeowners are not eligible for reimbursement for repairs that could have been covered by insurance companies.

A new insurance product has recently come to the market to protect your property and belongings from overland water damage. This coverage, in the form of an Overland Water Endorsement, was previously only available to commercial properties.

The experts at Coastal Community Insurance Services want to ensure that your belongings and property are covered in the event that heavy rains, spring run-off or overflowing lakes and rivers begin to wreak havoc on your home. Please visit or call them at 1.888.741.1010 to review your coverage in order to ensure you’re fully protected.

09-Jan-17 Top things to know to protect yourself from a tax return scam

Given that it will soon be tax return season, it's extremely important to remain vigilant against phishing attempts. Phishing is when a fraudster attempts to appear to be a legitimate source (the CRA or a financial institution for example) to trick you into giving up personal information or downloading malware.

Fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated in the hopes of getting us to click on links or provide confidential information. When it comes to the CRA, please remember:

1) They will ONLY send tax returns via cheque and direct deposit, never by e-Transfer.
2) The CRA will never ask for payment by prepaid credit card or gift card.
3) They will also never ask for your personal or financial info by email, text or asking that you click on a link to provide your info.
4) A legitimate email the CRA will send out is to people who have subscribed to a CRA service and directing them to log in to the secure My Account service to see the details.
5) When in doubt, call the CRA at 1.800.959.8281 to verify legitimacy of anything purportedly sent by them.

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