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09-Jan-17 Top things to know to protect yourself from a tax return scam

Given that it will soon be tax return season, it's extremely important to remain vigilant against phishing attempts. Phishing is when a fraudster attempts to appear to be a legitimate source (the CRA or a financial institution for example) to trick you into giving up personal information or downloading malware.

Fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated in the hopes of getting us to click on links or provide confidential information. When it comes to the CRA, please remember:

1) They will ONLY send tax returns via cheque and direct deposit, never by e-Transfer.
2) The CRA will never ask for payment by prepaid credit card or gift card.
3) They will also never ask for your personal or financial info by email, text or asking that you click on a link to provide your info.
4) A legitimate email the CRA will send out is to people who have subscribed to a CRA service and directing them to log in to the secure My Account service to see the details.
5) When in doubt, call the CRA at 1.800.959.8281 to verify legitimacy of anything purportedly sent by them.

04-Jan-17 Stay alert with what's happening with your finances through MemberDirect Alerts

If your New Years resolution is to keep better track of your finances, then we suggest signing up for MemberDirect Alerts (sign up can be done through your online banking).

With Alerts, you set up what kinds of notifications you want to receive & how. For example, maybe you want to be alerted by text every time a withdrawal over $500 is done from your chequing. That way you can keep track if a cheque clears or an automatic transfer happens. Bonus- it’s a great security measure too!

Other Alerts you can set up: Low Balance, Personal Access Code change, Online Banking lockout, or Deposit/Withdrawal Alerts. Head to the Messages & Alerts tab on online banking to set them up or phone us at 1.888.741.1010.


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