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Specialty Insurance

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To reduce your digital risk or prepare for the unexpected with your pet's medical care, apply easily online today.

Personal Cyber Insurance


Proactively mitigate online cyber risks before they happen

NFP’s DigitalShieldTM solution helps you deal with issues like Cyber Attack, Ransomware, Identity Theft, Cybercrime, Smart Home Devices & Wearables, Reputation and more in one inclusive package.

DigitalShieldTM Details:

  • Provides both assistance services and coverage against losses
  • Partners with CyberScout, a TransUnion brand, to provide assistance
  • Offers one cost-effective inclusive price based on your coverage limit
  • Is separate from any home policy and won’t impact your claim history
  • Allows you to easily sign up online!
Pet Insurance


Accidents happens and pets get sick

With Pets Plus Us** pet insurance, you and your vet can focus on making the choices that are right for your four-legged family members — with less worry about expensive veterinary costs.

Benefits include:

  • Underwriting upfront
  • Coverage that renews annually
  • Innovative Flex Care program (additional cost)
  • Coverage of exam fees and taxes included
  • Easy, paperless claims submission

**The information herein is summarized. For all terms and conditions visit:

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