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If your initiative helps build healthier communities, we'd like to help!

Building strong and vibrant communities

Our focus is making a meaningful difference by improving financial literacy and economic development in the communities we serve.

Our Community Focus

When applying for a grant, please keep our focus areas of Financial Literacy and Economic Development in mind.


What we support

​​ Programs implemented by community organizations

 Financial education programs

 Economic development initiatives

 Island-based programs or initiatives

 Initiatives that support more than one person 


What we don't support

 Groups that are not recognized as community not-for-profit

 Individual pursuits

 Initiatives that don't provide direct benefit to our island communities

 Requests where our support would cover travel

 Requests to support long-term operational costs


Relief and Resiliency Fund

This program is to support Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands not-for-profit community organizations deal with the effects of Covid 19, and help them through the pandemic.

There are 2 categories of funding: Relief and Resilience both with the intent to provide one-time funds to community organizations who have extraordinary needs as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Organizations are eligible to apply for either of the two categories based on the need they have identified. 

Fund focus:

 To support the immediate short-term needs for organizations in financial jeopardy

 As a result of Covid-19 , the organization is no longer able to provide community support as per their mandate

​ To support for long-term adjustments to the organization


 Must be a Not-For-Profit or Recognized Not-For-Profit organization

 Initiative must provide direct benefit to communities served by Coastal Community

​ Requests must be for $1,000 or more


Small grants that go a long way

This program is for requests under $1,000 (including gifts in-kind) for neighbourhood initiatives and will be directed to your local Coastal Community location.

Funding examples:

 Community betterment

 Children and Youth

 Grassroots Initiatives

  Local events


 Must be a Not-For-Profit or Recognized Not-For-Profit organization

 Must provide direct benefit to communities served by Coastal Community

​ Must not be to support a sports team

​ Only one contribution per organization per budget year


Partnering with businesses to strengthen communities

Coastal Community welcomes the opportunity to work with island businesses on mutually beneficial initiatives that positively impact island communities.

Fund focus:

 Financial literacy

 Economic development


 Initiatives that provide a direct benefit to communities across the islands

 Initiatives that provide mutually beneficial business development opportunities

Giving back to the community

With your support, we continue to impact the social and economic well-being of our Island communities.


Given to community


Employee volunteer hours


Students learning financial literacy


Years of free outdoor movies

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