Simplify payments with automatic funds transfer

Your business receivables on autopilot

Send or receive recurring payments

Convenient and cost-effective payment automation for things like subscriptions, memberships and strate fees or outgoing payments like payroll.


Payment solutions for any size business

Enhance your customer experience,simplify your cash flow and get back to what’s important.

Automated Funds Transfer features:

Saves time
You run the software, which means greater efficiencies

Saves money
Automation eliminates the costs associated with cheques (ordering, clearing, etc.)

Get more flexibility and control over incoming and outgoing payments

Improves security
Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or forged cheques

How to get set up

It's easier than you think! Get the Automated Funds Transfer is four easy steps:

 Step 1: Contact you branch to speak to a Business Services Manager

 Step 2: Discuss and provide user information and sign a contract

 Step 3: Input UserID in the secure online program to complete the process

 Step 4: Enter your banking information for debit and credit processing online


The payment solutions that make your business future proof

It’s important that your business is ready for the payment methods of today while preparing for those of tomorrow. These include:

 Contactless acceptance

 Digital currency conversion

​ Ecommerce payments

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