The Coastal Community leadership team

"If you want to go far, go together..."

Management team

From all parts of the company, we believe in making lasting differences that will lead to your improved financial health and healthier communities for us all.


Highlights from an unprecedented year

Get the highlights from this year’s Annual Report for a quick summary of how we navigated 2020 and helped members, clients, businesses and communities in the face of COVID-19. The full report is also available.

Board of Directors

It's all hands on deck when you're steering the largest Island-based financial services organization. Fortunately, your member-elected Board is at the helm.


Evelyn Clark

Providing leadership to the Board, the Chair is elected among Board members for a one year term. Evelyn’s term runs from 2021 to 2024.

Board of Directors

Elected by you and working for you, meet the Board that's helping to direct your credit union's future.

Lynne Fraser

Current term: 2021-2024

Meet Lynne >

Susanne Jakobsen

Current term: 2021-2024

Meet Susanne >

Melissa Lacroix

Current term: 2020-2023

Meet Melissa >

Doug Lang

Current term: 2020-2023

Meet Doug >

Terry Law

Current term: 2020-2023

Meet Terry >

Michael Mascall

Current term: 2021-2024

Meet Michael >

John Newall

Current term: 2019-2022

Meet John >

Debra Oakman

Current term: 2020-2023

Meet Debra >

Dominique Roelants

Current term: 2019-2022

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Your elected Board of Directors keeps us on track for success

As a co-operative, Coastal Community’s members elect Directors to work hard on their behalf to:

 Ensure the organization represents the values of our members, clients and  employees

 See the big picture when setting objectives and goals

​ Ensure resources for needed products and services in the community

​ Guide us through a complex regulatory environment

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