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Learning Centre

Information and resources to help you succeed

Financial Education

The Learning Centre is here to provide you and our communities with what you’ll need to get to your goals faster.

Get ahead by getting informed

We want to prevent the “I wish I’d known sooner” syndrome. Here are the articles and stories you need to know for even better financial health.

Inflation and your mortgage

Are you wondering whether your variable rate mortgage is still working for you?

Learn more here

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Improve your financial fitness

Check out these articles on ways to improve your financial health

Get some financial health tips

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Why do you ask that?

Find out how we try to protect you from wire transfer frauds.

What are the red flags?


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Reach your financial goals one step at a time

Start your financial health journey with myFinHealth, a free interactive digital financial health tool.

You will:

  • Reduce financial stress and build a strong foundation for your financial future
  • Get personalized content, mini-courses and tools just for you
  • Enjoy unlimited access to education on spending, saving, borrowing and investing
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Get help signing on to online banking for your everyday banking needs.

Need help adding an e-Transfer recipient or perhaps how to set up account alerts? Help with online banking. It’s all here.

Business Insights

What you need to know about domestic and global markets with key takeaways from Aviso Wealth. You'll also find helpful advice for your business.


ICBC Fleetplan Benefits

Review ICBC Fleetplan benefits

Here are some tips to rev up your coverage with fleet insurance.

What should I know? >

How to scamproof your business

How to scamproof your business

Do you know how to spot and protect your business from email spoofing?

Learn the telltale signs >

Effective business proposals

Our business expert, Doug Forbes-King, breaks down what makes a financing/investment proposal stand out from the rest.

Make your proposal stand out >

Keep up to date

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Making the most of our digital tools

Helping to improve your financial health - digitally! Discover some of our online tools and resources.

Alerts to help prevent fraud

Alerts are an effective way to keep your information safe—and they’re free to use!

How do I set alerts up?>

Need help setting up a direct deposit or debit?

Here’s how to find your 12-digit Account number through online banking or the mobile app.

Where do I find my account details? >

3 retirement savings tools to help you plan ahead

These free online calculators can help you figure out how much you need to save to retire in comfort.

Find out how much to save>