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Invest in your business's best interests

Safe and secure term deposit solutions

Maximize your cash holdings

Along with competitive rates for your money, these benefits come standard with all our term deposits.


Stress free

Guaranteed interest rates means you always know how your money's doing


Zero risk

Depositors are 100% protected by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of BC



Short & long-term positions + redemption options to meet any purpose

More time, higher rate

Time = money. The longer you save, the better rate you'll receive

Easy tax reporting

Annual T5 statements - mailed or accessed online

Support local

Local deposits are re-invested as loans to Island residents & businesses

Term deposit options

Every penny counts when you own a business. Make money on your money, while helping to reach your business's goals.


The flexible solution with built-in growth

The perfect choice if your business is looking for a flexible investment with guaranteed escalating rates.

Key features:

 Rates increase each and every year

 Choice of a 3 or 5 year term

​ Fully or partly cashable on each anniversary


Lock into a term but enjoy a higher rate

The perfect choice if you want higher returns for the funds you're able to set aside for the short, medium or long-term.

Key features:

 Options from 30 days to 5 years

 The longer the term, the higher the interest

​ Have the interest earned returned to your cash flow or have it compound


Take advantage of rising rates

The perfect choice for excess cash. Plus, enjoy peace of mind knowing you're able to lock into a new rate when rates are rising.

Key features:

 2, 3 or 5-year terms

 Funds are locked in to ensure you get the best rate

​ Option to convert to a higher rate once during the term


Guaranteed rates combined with flexibility

The perfect choice when you want to put extra capital to work for the short-term. Comes with the option to convert to a different term deposit at any time.

Key features:

 Convertible to another term deposit at any time

 Invest as little as $500

​ Have the interest earned returned to your cash flow or have it compound


Save and earn in US Dollars

The perfect choice if you want a safe and secure way to protect your business's US funds against exchange rate changes.

Key features:

 Save and earn interest without converting your US funds

 Terms from 30 days to 5 years

​ The longer the term, the more you earn


Building a solid succession plan for your business

It might seem like a long way off, but there's no time like the present to plan your exit strategy.

 What does a solid succession plan look like?

 Why start planning sooner rather than later?

​ The steps to building a succession plan