90- Day Convertible Term Deposit

Guaranteed rates without long-term commitment
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Guaranteed rates combined with flexibility

A place to park short-term funds, this 90-day term deposit has guaranteed rates and comes with the option to convert to a different term deposit at any time.

Choose this term deposit if you:

Are not sure which term deposit is the right choice for you

Want to receive higher interest than a savings account offers

Would like to take advantage of rising interest rates


The flexible choice with guaranteed rates

Not sure where to invest your short-term funds? Choose this product to earn a guaranteed rate with the option to convert to a different term deposit. 

90-Day Convertible Term Deposit Features:

 Maximum flexibility — Convertible to another term deposit at any time

 Minimum Deposit — Open this non-redeemable term deposit with as little as $500

​ Save on taxes — Eligible for RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP and RRIF

Our featured rates

90-Day Convertible


90-Day Convertible



Talk to an advisor to get the right deposit

Term deposits are a great investment tool. We'll help you determine what term deposit fits your savings goals, including:

 Saving for a short-term or longer term goal

 Needing access to the funds

​ Getting the best rate available


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