​Low Rate Business Mastercard®

Simple, easy and smart for your business

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The ideal card for keeping costs low

A low rate/low fee card help you trim business expenses and keep interest fees low when you carry a balance.


Low rate and low annual fee

A low annual fee and low interest rate to keep everything nice and easy for your business  — a practical way to keep costs low.

Low Rate Business Mastercard features:

 Annual Fee: $25.00

 Interest Rate: 12.99% Fixed

 Purchase protection and extended warranty

More than just a low rate

Purchase protection

Merchandise is insured for 90 days if lost, damaged or stolen.


Double your warranty

Up to one year extra for card purchases


Fraud protection

Get real-time fraud text alerts for greater security


Your perfect card is just a few clicks away

Applying online is quick and easy. Just fill in the simple application form. Here’s how it works:

 Fill in the required info including Business Registration Number & annual revenue

 Supply any additional information (if requested)

​ Once approved, receive your card in 7-10 business days

Our credit card partner: Collabria Financial 

Offering first-class cards and first-class service to tens of thousands of Canadians.


24/7 cardholder service

Get support when you need it, including online access to your account.

Fraud monitoring

Relax with 24/7 fraud monitoring & protection services for your card.

Generous rewards program

The ultimate selection including flights, tickets, merchandise and more.


Not finding what you're looking for?

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