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Do you need to change a signer?

Coastal Community is here to make your organization's change of signer experience as easy and effective as possible.
Change of Signors

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Make your change of signer process easy from start to finish

To get started, review the steps below and the following documents. Check out the FAQ if you have more questions.


Change of Signer Steps

Coastal Community requests that all businesses/organizations undergoing a change of signers assign one signer to be the Designated Contact Person.  This individual must be an existing signer of the business membership as we are limited to what information can be provided to new signers.  Moving forward, they will act as the liaison between the business and credit union for all communications and to ensure that all change requests are coordinated as efficiently as possible.

Complete the steps outlined in the Change of Signers Checklist. This includes completion of the Change of Signers Request form.  It is important to complete every field and section of the request form and have it signed by two current Authorized Signatories to ensure that the credit union has the information needed to accurately proceed with the next steps of the change of signers request. Incomplete forms will cause a delay in your request.

Note: Corporations and Registered Societies will need to supply a copy of their BC Registry before any changes can go into effect.

Learn more about Authorized Signatory vs Authorized User descriptions.

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IMPORTANT: Requested changes will not be effective until all required documentation is signed and the Designated Contact Person has been notified the process has been completed.

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