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When local businesses thrive, so do our communities.

Developers: Do this to ensure a great project start

Whether it’s to gain financing or investors, learn why drafting a detailed proposal is your 1st step in getting your development dream going.

The “blueprint” before the blueprint >

​Attracting, and keeping, the star talent you need

Putting your people first will help your company stand out to a potential candidate, especially in these challenging times.

Supporting your biggest asset >

Accelerating your business's recovery

For businesses, it's a bit of "sink or swim" these days. Learn how to prepare if you're considering a pivot.

Adapting is the new normal >



Now that our mortgage is paid off, it's enabled us to save and buy a family property

Though they started out as young and "high risk," business owners Blaire and Fiona were able to:

  • Expand their business operations
  • Increase profitability through commercial real estate
  • Become mortgage-free in 10 years

Learning Centre

Whether it's saving for the future, improving your credit history, or managing your money, Coastal Community has the resources to help you achieve financial wellness.


How to repay your CEBA loan

Repay your loan on time and reap the benefits. Online banking makes it easy!

Learn about CEBA loan repayments > 


6 things to know when buying a commercial property

Big purchases come with big considerations.  Lending expert Adam Fraser shares what you need to know.

How to navigate the process >


Is your business ready for the unexpected?

We’ll walk you through the why’s and how’s for creating a contingency fund for your business.

Ensure it's business as usual > 


3 ways to manage risk when starting a small business

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Up your chances of success for your business and your bottom line.

Project, protect and monitor >

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