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Growing your business is our priority

At Coastal Community, you and Island communities come first

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Coastal Community wants to help you grow your business, our communities and financial health for all.  


Our Coastal Business Community

When local businesses thrive, so do our communities.

Growth strategies during inflation

Learn how to expand your business when everyone else is pulling back.

Get growing >

​Transitioning to the next generation

Read four need-to-know tips on business estate planning to protect your business and family from unexpected circumstances.

What do I need? >

Considering a Strata Property Manager?

Get some tips if you are thinking of engaging a property manager for your strata.

What’s best for your strata? >

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Now that our mortgage is paid off, it's enabled us to save and buy a family property

Though they started out as young and "high risk," business owners Blaire and Fiona were able to:

  • Expand their business operations
  • Increase profitability through commercial real estate
  • Become mortgage-free in 10 years

Learning Centre

Whether it's saving for the future, improving your credit history, or managing your money, Coastal Community has the resources to help you achieve financial wellness.


Investing Surplus Corporate Cash

Do you know how to invest and grow your hard-earned corporate money?

Find out what to do with retained earnings > 


6 things to know when buying a commercial property

Big purchases come with big considerations.  Lending expert Adam Fraser shares what you need to know.

How to navigate the process >


Is your business ready for the unexpected?

We’ll walk you through the why’s and how’s for creating a contingency fund for your business.

Ensure it's business as usual > 


Managing risk in a sea of change

If you change your business model, remember to consider your insurance coverage.

Do I need to adjust my insurance? >

Why bank with us?

When you bank with Coastal Community, you help people just like you achieve financial health.


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