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From home protection to life insurance, we can help

Coverage for every stage of life

How our insurance specialists can help

Whether you're starting out or have more sophisticated financial needs, Coastal Community can help with advice tailored for you.


Coastal Community Insurance Services (2007) Ltd.

​​Specialty Insurance

Specialty Insurance

Reduce your digital risk or prepare for the unexpected for your furry friends. We'll help you focus on what's important with less worry.

Learn how you can live with less worry >


Home Insurance

Protect your largest investment: your home. Let us recommend the right options for your specific needs

Learn how you can keep your largest asset protected >


Vehicle & Marine Insurance

Whether you’re on the water or on the road—life’s good when you’re covered.

Discover how to fully protect your vehicles and boats >


Travel Insurance

Come back with memories, not costly expenses. We’ll help you stress less and enjoy more.

Keep your vacations worry-free with travel insurance >

Coastal Community Private Wealth Group


Medical & Dental Insurance

Supplement your existing coverage or replace group coverage when you need it.

Find out how to supplement your health coverage >


Life Insurance

Protect what matters most, even when you can’t be there. Find the right options for your needs.

Learn how you can keep your largest asset protected >


Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Don’t let financial hardships impact your recovery. Talk to us about affordable and flexible insurance options.

Learn how you can keep your largest asset protected >

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How our Wealth Protection Specialists help

The right plan can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those close to you.

  Protect your loved ones and your wishes with a solid plan for the future

 Protect your finances in case of job change, serious illness or disability

​ Protect your business and your livelihood  with the right strategy an insurance plan

Work with an Insurance Advisor


How our Insurance Representatives help

Our advisors can help you keep your family, home, car and possessions protected from life’s bumps.

 Save money with a range of solutions with flexible payment plans

 Get guidance through the claims process

​ Receive tailored advice to reflect your changing needs

For your financial health

Our Learning Centre will help you learn how insurance can protect your finances, family and possessions from life’s bumps.


Common myths about travel medical insurance

Do you know when it makes sense to get a good travel insurance plan?

When should I get a travel insurance plan? >

When should you fine tune your insurance coverage?

Major life events bring changes that often call for a review of your financial plan.

What insurance do I need? >

No medical insurance at work? You have options.

If you don’t have health insurance through work, personal insurance can fill any gaps in your provincial coverage.

Learn more about personal health insurance plans >

Meet some of our specialists

*Home, vehicle, marine and travel insurance services provided through Coastal Community Insurance Services (2007) Ltd.
** Life, Health disability and critical illness insurance services offered through Coastal Community Financial Management Inc.