Coastal Community has a variety of savings accounts available that give you immediate access to your funds, while earning interest on your balance. Accessing your savings account funds is easy too through MemberCard, MemberLink, MemberDirect, ATM, Direct Payment, or in any branch.

*Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply.

Regular Savings
  • Easily manage your money with this traditional savings account that will meet your basic needs
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 4 Full-Service Transactions Included
  • Interest: Flat Rate**
Investment Savings
  • A great place to park your money and earn tiered interest while waiting for the right long-term investment opportunity
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 2 Full-Service Transactions Included
  • Interest: Split, Tiered**
Junior Savings
  • Making pennies add up is easy for younger members. Junior Savings is an excellent starter account for kids under 13, offering features and interest to help achieve goals - both big and small
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 25 Full-Service Transactions Included
  • Interest: Flat Rate**
Youth Savings
  • As needs change and grow this Youth Savings account, for ages 13-18, will help you manage your money, continue to save and complement your chequing accounts
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 10 Full-Service Transactions Included
  • Interest: Flat Rate**
High Interest Savings
  • With no minimum balance required, this easy- access savings account features free unlimited deposits in-branch or through Exchange Network ATMs and online transfers from other Coastal Community accounts
  • No Monthly Fee
  • 1 Full-Service Transaction Included
  • Interest: Stepped, Tiered**

*Additional transaction fees as indicated below apply only when your included monthly transactions are exceeded.

**Interest Rates: Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. Split rates pay a different rate on the balance within each tier. For current personal account interest rates, talk to a Member Service Representative at any community branch.

Note - Coastal Community Credit Union Personal and Savings Accounts: Some conditions and additional fees may apply.

Fees are subject to change without notice. Network and ATM fees may apply to all accounts (excluding Foreign Currency accounts) as follows: Interac: $2.25/transaction; US/International $4.00/transaction. Surcharges from other financial institution ATMs may also apply. A $2.00 Cheque Image fee applies to all Personal Chequing accounts unless otherwise noted.

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