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Budgeting 101 with Each One, Teach One

November 9, 2019    3 minute read

Reduce stress by learning basic financial literacy skills like budgeting and handling debt through no-cost workshops.

If making a budget feels daunting, you’re not alone. Many Canadians feel they need more education on how to stay on top of their bills or plan ahead for long-term goals like retirement. Yet knowing how to manage your personal finances has never been more important, as online shopping and constant credit card offers make it easy to rack up debt. A program like Each One, Teach One is a great way to learn financial literacy skills like budgeting to keep your finances on track.

What is Each One, Teach One?

Whether you’re interested in budgeting, managing debt or home ownership, Each One, Teach One breaks down financial skills into easy steps. Using easy-to-understand language, this program delivers workshops in community settings like schools and community centres. Best of all, the sole goal is to build your financial knowledge, not sell any products.

What does it cover?

There are 17 modules, covering useful topics like:

  • Basic banking concepts
  • Basic budgeting
  • Credit cards and pre-paid cards
  • Good loans vs bad loans
  • Debt smarts
  • RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Home readiness
  • Basic taxation and filing

Each workshop is led by a trained credit union volunteer and usually lasts an hour, unless otherwise specified.

Do the workshops cost anything?

No, Each One, Teach One is offered at no cost to you! Enhancing Canadians’ financial wellness is a shared value for Canadian credit unions. We believe everyone should be empowered to manage personal finances for themselves and their families.