Three insurance tips for these warm & sunny days

Following these seasonal tips will help you sit back and unwind in the sunshine

May 2021 ​ 2 min read

You’ve probably been pretty busy since the start of spring. There’s gardening and landscaping to do, pressure washing the deck and patio furniture, and stopping by your local farmers’ markets. We have some helpful, season-specific insurance info that might be of use to you. To make things easy, we went straight to our experts for their quick and simple tips. Because the garden isn’t going to weed itself . . . 


  1. The season of yard and house maintenance is upon us. If you plan to hire some professionals to take care of tasks like gutter cleaning, landscaping or painting, make sure you confirm they have sufficient liability and workers compensation—you don’t want to be on the hook for an injury that occurs on your premises!
    Jessica Steeves, Insurance Representative at our Eagle Creek location
  2. It’s also motorcycle season! Before setting off on the open road, you may want to talk to an insurance expert about extending your ICBC liability insurance with private coverage, especially for the own damage portion. It may be surprisingly affordable, so get a free quote today and feel safe knowing your bike will be covered even outside of the riding season! 
    Kylee Perris, Insurance Solutions Assistant at our Harbourfront office
  3. Do you have a vacation home for getaways?  If so, we recommend checking in with your insurance broker to ensure that you have an appropriate form of coverage for how often you visit, whether you rent it out to family or friends, or do vacation rentals to third parties.   Some insurance companies require that you stay at your home-away-from-home at least every 90 days, while some permit more intermittent visits. It’s important to keep your insurance broker up to date about the occupancy of your seasonal so they can give you the best advice for your unique situation!
    Jessica Steeves, Insurance Representative at our Eagle Creek location

Following these tips will help you sit back and unwind in the sunshine. If you have a recreational vehicle or boat, we’ve got you covered for insurance advice on those, too! 

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