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4 insurance tips for worry-free summer fun

Make sure your recreational vehicles and boats are properly insured for peace of mind

Updated May 2022 ​ 2 min read

With long days of summer stretching ahead, you’re probably looking forward to camping, boating, golfing . . . all the good things! Here’s a few tips on what to consider before setting off.

  1. Golfers, if you own a golf cart, make sure your insurance meets your needs. ICBC and/or Home insurance offer varying levels of coverage. For example, in some instances you can purchase ICBC insurance to cover driving across a highway from one side of a golf course to another, but not to operate on a road in your neighbourhood. Talk to your insurance agent to keep your time on the links worry-free.

  2. Make sure your recreational vehicle is properly insured for its use. Is it parked at a year-round site with security or are you travelling around? Keep in mind that ICBC will only insure to the depreciated value and will not cover any contents. A private policy can cover a unit for the first 10 model years for Guaranteed Replacement cost with contents coverage. This means that in the event of a claim you would not have to claim the contents from your home insurance policy!

  3. If you’re buying a boat this year, it’s a wise idea to protect yourself properly with insurance. One thing to check is whether your claim settlement will be based on:
    • “Agreed Value” – no application of depreciation or disputes over value at the time of a loss or
    • “Actual Cash Value” – replacement cost minus depreciation

    Make sure to discuss with your agent what kind of coverage is best for you.

  4. If you’re an avid ATV rider, it’s important for your insurance provider to know where you are operating your vehicle. Are you on Crown land or private land? Will you be loading or unloading on the highway (including parking lots)? Your insurance may change based on these factors, so make sure you inform your insurance agent.

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