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Avoiding Financial Institution Impersonation Scams

Don’t get caught by scammers claiming to be Coastal Community’s ‘Cyber Security Department.’

November 20, 2023    2 minute read


A recent scam targeting individuals involves impersonating a financial institution over the phone. These fraudsters warn you that your funds could be at risk, and that you need to transfer your money to a new account – at a completely different financial institution – for your own safety.

Be alert: Phone numbers can be spoofed

Spoofed caller ID information may make it appear as though a call is coming from Coastal Community. Your phone might even slide fake text messages in line with previous genuine messages from the credit union, making them appear legitimate.

The scam

The scammers may claim that someone who works for Coastal Community is stealing from members, putting your funds at risk. To protect yourself, the fraudsters say you must attend the branch and withdraw funds from your accounts. They may caution you to keep your reasons for withdrawing confidential, to avoid tipping off the imaginary thief.

The goal of these scammers is to gather personal information while also enticing you to transfer funds to them or give them access to accounts.

Tips to stay safe

Coastal Community will NEVER ask you to:

  • Disclose online banking passwords, PINs, or other credentials;
  • Disclose debit/credit card numbers or account numbers;
  • Disclose 2-step verification codes;
  • Allow Remote access to your phone, tablet, or computer;
  • Drain your accounts of cash;
  • Purchase cryptocurrency or gift cards; or
  • Hide the reason for a transaction from the branch

End the call immediately if you suspect you are speaking with a scammer. If ever in doubt, you can call us back at 1-888-741-1010, and we will confirm whether the call was legitimate.