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Pay while on-the-go

Turn your phone or watch into a mobile wallet

Quick, easy & secure — that's Mobile Wallet

Make your Coastal Community debit card a part of your personal device to unlock more payment options

Is Mobile Wallet a good fit for me?

Whether it’s through Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch, or Google Pay on your smartphone or wearable, you can’t beat these great features:

Set-up is easy

Mobile Wallet is already built into most devices - add your debit card & go

Use (basically) anywhere

Accepted where Interac® Flash (tap technology) is taken

Safe & secure

Multiple layers of security keep your transactions safe

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Set up for an iPhone or Apple Watch

Since most devices already have the Wallet App pre-installed, set-up is super easy – just add your debit card info.



  • Open the Wallet App
  • Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to add your Coastal Community debit card

Apple Watch:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Go to the My Watch tab. If you have multiple watches, choose one
  • Tap Wallet & Apple Pay and select Add Credit or Debit Card
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to add your Coastal Community debit card
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Safeguard your finances

Protect yourself from fraud by knowing more about what’s going on with your accounts. Sign up for our Alerts service & get personalized account or security notifications sent right to you.

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Set up for an Android or Wearable device

Adding your Coastal Community debit card to your Android's digital wallet is super easy


  • Download Google Pay from the Google Play Store
  • Open the Google Pay app
  • Tap the (+) sign
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to add your Coastal Community debit card

Wearable device:

  • Open the Google Pay on the watch
  • Tap (+) to Add Card to choose from cards on your phone
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete setup
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Make the most of Mobile Wallet with our Round Up savings feature!

Activate Round Up and every purchase made with your Coastal Community debit card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference is saved away for you to use as you’d like. Connect with us to set up your own Round Up.

Mobile Wallet Q&A

The generic term ‘Mobile Wallet’ refers to any digital payment service. At Coastal Community, it consists of Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Your card details are not shared during a transaction, keeping your information private. Each transaction is authorized with a one-time unique security code. On top of this are the authentication methods (Passcode, Face ID or Touch ID) you can add to your device to prevent unauthorized use. Mobile Wallet users are also protected through transaction limits and liability policies.

No, you don’t because Mobile Wallet already has the technology that’s needed at a tap-enabled payment terminal.

Your own daily tap limit still applies and now covers both your tap-enabled debit card and Mobile Wallet. If you’re ever unsure how much you might spend on a given day, it’s advisable to carry an additional payment method as a back-up. Your Coastal Community debit card is a good option here, since you will still have your chip-enabled spending limits.

The service itself is free. You could incur a service charge depending on the account type you’re in and how may electronic (self-serve) transactions it allows. Connect with us to ensure you’re in the best kind of account for Mobile Wallet use.

If you lose your device, or believe your Mobile Wallet to be compromised in any way, call us immediately at 1.888.741.1010. After hours, please call (from Canada/US) 1.888.277.1043 or (overseas) 1.306.566.1276. You can also temporarily disable your device through Apple’s Find My iPhone or Google’s Find My Device.

Look for the Interac® Flash logo or contactless symbol at the checkout. Some stores will also display the Apple Pay or Google Pay logo.

No, it will not affect your physical debit card.

To view your most recent Apple Pay transactions, open the Wallet app and your Coastal Community debit card. For Google Pay, tap on your Coastal Community debit card. You can also view your completed transactions on online or mobile banking.  

When attempting to add a card to Google Pay, some users are experiencing an "OR-TAPSH-08" error that is coming directly from Google. If you receive a "transaction cannot be completed" error message, you'll need to contact Google in order to resolve the issue. Click here to contact Google Support.

Click here for full details.