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2-Step Verification Q&A — now live for all members

Learn all you need to know about our new security feature involving authentication via an auto-generated code.

The following Q&A will help you learn more about our new security measure designed to help keep your accounts even more protected. Please also refer to the following resources for further support:

What is 2-Step Verification? 

It’s an additional and highly effective security measure we’ve added to the login process for Coastal Community online and mobile banking as well as MemberDirect Small Business. 2-Step Verification involves entering an auto-generated verification code (that you’ll receive separately through text or email) in addition to your member number and PAC.

You might already be familiar with this security feature if you have Facebook or Gmail and have ever logged into these accounts from a different device than you normally do (a work computer versus a home computer for example). 

All members who bank online are required to enroll in 2-Step Verification so that everyone can benefit from this security measure. 

Is there any troubleshooting advice?

Yes. If you are experiencing any issues with online banking, please clear your cache. For instructions on how to do this, please click on the appropriate link based on the browser you are using:

For any other browsers, please check their support site for instructions.

How does it benefit me?

Cyber threats such as malware and phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. A stronger, more secure authentication process involving a verification code will provide an additional layer of security. 

When will I need to use 2-Step Verification? 

There are two situations where you will be prompted to follow through with 2-Step Verification:

  1. When you enroll
  2. Whenever the online/mobile banking attempt is assessed as needing increased authentication.

How do I set it up?

The process is quite straightforward — just follow the prompts. Don’t forget that your verification code is only valid for 10 minutes once generated. Each new code would also replace any previous codes sent to you, so remember to only use the most current one.  

Does 2-Step Verification replace the use of challenge questions and answers for login?

Yes it does. Because generated verification codes only last a brief time, they are more secure than challenge questions and answers. And you won’t have to worry about remembering your answers! 

Can I register for 2-Step Verification via both text and email? 

Yes! When you first enroll, you can enter only one choice (text or email) to receive notifications. However, you can update your contact information using the Profiles and Preferences screen to add another notification channel. Note: You will still need to select either text or email as your preferred method of notification, and you can only register one email and one phone number.

What should I keep in mind if I travel out of the country?

If you are planning a trip outside of Canada, remember to check whether you have selected text notification or email as your 2-Step Verification notification channel. If you have selected text notification but will not have your usual mobile device with you on your trip, you can update your contact information to receive these kinds of notifications by email.

Through online banking, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into online banking
  2. Click on Profiles and Settings
  3. Choose Change 2-Step Verification Information
  4. Update your contact information

If you do have an issue with 2-Step Verification while you are out of the country, you can contact us here or through WebChat. You can also call our international number at 778.762.4649 but please note that this number is not toll-free. Long distance charges will apply.