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8 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

September 10, 2019  5 minute read

Set up your home quickly by doing research, clearing the clutter and taking advantage of your network. 

Selling your house can be stressful. As you wait for the right offer, you have to keep your place spotless and ready for a tour at a moment’s notice. Here’s eight ways to help speed up the process so you can move on to your next home.

  1. Do some research
    Is it a buyers’ or sellers’ market? Is the season a “hot” one for selling homes? The more you know, the better you can time your sale and price your home properly to sell.


  2. Choose a realtor wisely
    Finding the right person to work with is key, so interview two or three, check their references and ask for their marketing plan. 


  3. Boost your curb appeal
    Remember it’s the exterior of your home that creates that important first impression. Try sprucing up your garden with fresh flowers, pressure washing your patio or painting the front door to create a welcoming picture for your buyers.


  4. Spruce up the interior, too
    Small upgrades like a new neutral paint colour or changing the cabinet hardware in your kitchen can make a big difference. But don’t go overboard. Unless it’s a kitchen remodel, you may not get your money back on big renos.


  5. Clear the clutter
    Rent a storage unit and depersonalize your home. Leave room in closets, clear your countertops and pack up your knickknacks so buyers can picture themselves in your property. Don’t forget to make your house sparkling clean and move-in ready.


  6. Arrange for great photos
    Today, many buyers begin their search online. Check to see if your realtor offers professionally-done photos to highlight your home’s strengths.


  7. Be ready to show your home
    Everyone’s busy, so you never know when the perfect buyer will have time to see your home. Be prepared to dash out at a moment’s notice to give your buyers convenient access.


  8. Take advantage of your network
    Your neighbours care who moves next door. Send them an email with the link to your listing so they can spread the word to their friends. Don’t forget to share on your own social media!