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Find your home with a realtor that's perfect for you

December 27, 2019    3 minute read

When selecting a realtor, these 3 factors can help you decide: Competence, Communication & Connection.

When selecting a realtor, these three factors can help you decide: Competence, Communication & Connection.

“You know how when you jump out of a plane, a skydiving guide jumps with you? A good realtor is a lot like that guide—they’re someone who you trust to have your back, who can endure your screams, joys and pain points, and all the while they’re expertly adjusting the parachute for that perfect landing. Ask yourself the next time you’re looking for a realtor… would I jump out of a plane with him or her?”

Vancouver Island home buyer

The decision to jump out of a plane is a significant one—and so is buying a home. That’s why many Islanders choose to work with a real estate agent. There are lots of things to consider when selecting a realtor, including your gut instinct. We’ve drilled down some of the other decision points into three criteria: Competence, Communication and Connection.


Put on your job interviewer hat when you look into a prospective realtor. Check out their real estate website, but also Google and Yelp them, and find them on LinkedIn. Look at their skills and experience, and also note if there is passion, professionalism and enthusiasm when they’re marketing other properties. Ask the realtor for the names and contact info of past people they’ve worked with to background check. And don’t forget to search your realtor on the Real Estate Council of BC to ensure there licence is up-to-date and there are no violations.


Communication with your realtor should of course feel natural and comfortable. You want to be able to openly voice your concerns if you feel the yard isn’t big enough or the street’s too busy. Ask lots of questions and make sure your realtor is asking them too. They should be skilled in probing into the things that you normally wouldn’t consider. A good realtor is not an order taker—they should bring to the conversation other factors and insights. That’s the only way you’ll find something you didn’t even know you wanted in a home.


You’ll be spending a lot of time with your realtor as they help you to make some significant life decisions. When it comes to buying a home, everyone comes with unique circumstances (expanding family, becoming an empty nester, a divorce or death) so you need a realtor who is patient and understanding. One of the best ways to get a glimpse into how a realtor interacts with others is at an open house—go and visit them “in action.” Gauge your first impression and envision whether a good working relationship can come about.

Like a skydiving guide, you’re about to put a lot of trust into your realtor. Take the time to evaluate them and don’t be afraid to move on if it doesn’t feel right.