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Beware of CRA Impersonation Scams

Tax season is coming up fast. It’s important to be alert for scammers who impersonate the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at this time of year.

January 19, 2023    2 minute read


What is a CRA Scam?

In the typical CRA scam, the scammer extorts funds via telephone, mail, text message or email by impersonating the CRA. The scammers may:

  • Send you a phishing link to collect a fake e-transfer
  • Demand payment of taxes owing on threat of arrest or fines
  • Convince you to provide them with personal information, such as your Social Insurance Number (SIN), bank account details, or your driver’s license number.

How can I avoid being scammed?

  • The best way to avoid a CRA scam is to be proactive in filing your taxes. File your taxes through a tax preparer that you know and trust. If you file through an online service, double-check it is a CRA-certified tax-preparation service.
  • Never respond to threatening, unexpected, or unsolicited contact regarding your taxes or CRA payments. If you are concerned that one of these contacts may be legitimate, then you can reach out to the CRA or directly to your tax preparer.
  • Keep yourself informed. Make sure you know the amount of your refund and how it will be paid.

Remember: When in doubt, contact CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281 or visit their My Account service to view your personal tax information.

To find out more about current CRA scams, please see the Government of Canada’s CRA scam alerts.