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Supporting a Junior Superhero!

Read how the Bear Essentials program helped an Island youngster navigate her world

June 16, 2020  4 minute read

Meet Caylee McCaw, daughter of Coastal Community’s very own Andrea McCaw. This beautiful and funny fifteen-year-old needs accommodations to help with her strengths and her challenges with autism. Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way Caylee interprets the world around her.

The McCaw family is one of many who have received support through the Bear Essentials program. The Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island partners with Help Fill a Dream to offer financial aid for everything from insulin pumps to wheelchair lifts through this initiative. 

“We have accessed funding from the Bear Essentials program to pay for travel costs for specialist appointments off the Island, as well as a speech and language course in Vancouver,” says Andrea. “It’s such a relief to know this help is available for families.” 

She’s also happy to share her family received funds to buy a special tandem bike. Caylee really enjoys the freedom to explore on her bicycle built for two. Last year, she was also delighted to help raise funds for the Bear Essentials program. Caylee donned a superhero suit for the Jr. Super Hero calendar for the Help Fill a Dream Foundation. 

At Coastal Community, we believe in doing our part to help our young people grow into the leaders of tomorrow. In 2019, we supported the welfare of kids like Caylee across the islands with a $10,704 donation to the Children’s Health Foundation. We’re so proud to be part of a network of relationships that helps build strong, vibrant and supportive communities. 



Caylee was part of the Junior Superheroes of Victoria Calendar 2020, which raised money for the Help Fill A Dream Foundation.

Photo Credit: Jessica Williamson, Yes
Jess Visuals - 2020 Junior Superheroes Calendar.