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Buying your next home

Moving on up!

Moving to your next home

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Buying your next home

There are a few key things to consider if you've outgrown your current home or need to relocate.

Determine budget


Decide on a budget that includes any needed renovation costs to your current or new home.


Sell or buy first?


Decide if you’re comfortable buying first or if you should wait to sell in the current market.


Get pre-approved


Determine the price range of homes to consider to get ahead of the game.


List your home


Work with a real estate professional to set the right price and market your home effectively.


Buy your home


Start looking for your next home once you’ve sold or arranged bridge financing for your current one.


Sell your home


Finalize your finances and get ready to celebrate as you settle in to your new home


Selling First Versus Buying First

The answer depends on your circumstances. There are advantages to each approach:



  • It’s easier to get new financing
  • You’re confident in the amount of money you have for your new home
  • You don’t have the stress of carrying two mortgages at once



  • You have more time to plan renovations for your current and new home
  • You can take your time looking for the perfect property
  • ;You have more time to plan your move in date for your new home

How we make it easy

Here's some great mortgage features to choose from when buying your next home:


Move your mortgage without penalty

Keep the same rate when you transfer your current mortgage to a new one

Blend and increase your mortgage

Blend your interest rates when you need to borrow additional funds

Finance renos with a purchase plus improvements mortgage

Roll the amount you need for renovations  into your new mortgage

For the next-time homebuyer

Need more space or looking to buy your next home? Keep these items in mind.

How to pay off your mortgage faster

“Home Sweet Mortgage-Free Home.” Shorten your mortgage with a lump sum payment (or two.).

Making a lump sum payment >

What do I need to refinance my mortgage?

Refinancing your home mortgage can help you make your home suit your current or future lifestyle life

Get more space >

Thinking about moving your mortgage?

Make sure you ask these four questions about moving your mortgage to help make the best decision for you.

What do I need to think about? >

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Let us guide you through your homeownership journey

Our mortgage advisors love helping home buyers continue their homeownership journey and can customize your mortgage just like you can customize the paint colours and lighting fixtures in your new home.

  • Combine your financing  to meet your specific needs (mortgage, car loan, home reno) to help save you money
  • Finding a mortgage term and rate structure that's right for you
  • Securing solutions for future needs like renovations, an income property or vacation home

Mortgage Rates


5-year fixed (insured)


5-year variable (insured)



How much can I afford?

Estimate your mortgage payments and determine how much you can afford.




 Enter gross annual household income.



Enter down payment and amortization period.



Select a loan term.



Input your monthly debts (including co-owners).

Let us help you get into your next home


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