A mortgage is one of the largest investments you'll ever make. Make sure your mortgage helps you reach your goals with confidence--make sure you speak with a Coastal Community mortgage expert about what’s right for you.

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A PERFECT MORTGAGE is different for everyone, but one thing is for sure: it’s customizable and flexible, just like our CreditMaster® mortgage. Here’s why CreditMaster® is the PERFECT MORTGAGE:

You can choose a variable, fixed or a combination of both rates.
This lets you pay down household debt faster, and be mortgage free sooner.

You can take money out if you need it.
Money paid toward your mortgage can be re-advanced--take it out if you need it for flexibility and peace-of-mind.

You can make it the only loan you need.
As the balance of your mortgage goes down and your property value goes up, your borrowing power increases. Attach a term loan or PrimeLine Line of Credit to your CreditMaster® mortgage with the same or separate repayment terms and save thousands of dollars while reaching your goals.

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*Some conditions apply. See in-branch for details. CreditMaster® is a registered trademark of Central 1 Credit Union.